“The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.”
Sir Henry Royce
Lengh Rate Rate for a couple
1 hour 400 700
2 hours 700 900
3 hours 1000 1200
4 hours 1200 1400
5/6 hours 1300 1500
7/8 hours 1400 1600
12 hours (overnight) 1700 1900
24 hours (1 day & 1 overnight) 2200 2400
48 hours (2 days & 2 overnights) 3200 3400
+ 24 hours (each additional night or day) 1000 1200
1week (7 days, 6 overnights) 7000 8500
For a date longer then one week please contact me.
CURRENCY CONVERTOR (US Dollars <->€uros, Livres Anglaises <-> €uros)

Traveling expenses (plane, train and taxi) are not included in the prices.
For traveling in France, I accept cash payments only. For traveling outside of France, please reserve at least 48 hours in advance for a stay of at least 12 hours. (The more lead time you give me, the more likely that I will not have other commitments). Travel must be booked and arranged well in advance and I require first class airfare to international destinations.I ask an advance fee of 25%, payable at the same time as the travel fee.

Payment: to be placed in an unsealed envelope at the outset of the rendezvous. Please make this a
comfortable situation for both of us by presenting an envelope discreetly to me at the beginning of
our rendezvous.
My rates are not negotiable. Thank’s

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